With more than 25 years of experience in the field, Carolyn M. Young has been providing fiduciary services to clients since 1986. As the owner and operator of Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services in Sacramento, California, Ms. Young helps to administer the trusts of individuals who have either passed away or are incapable of handling their own affairs while still living. 

Setting up a trust creates a number of benefits - some of these benefits are detailed below.

Avoiding probate - Assets that are held in a living trust are not subject to probate, which is the legal process that occurs after an individual passes away. In the event of death, the trust enables the named trustee to transfer property to beneficiaries without incurring any additional legal fees or undergoing any probate proceedings.

Maintaining privacy - As opposed to wills, living trusts are private documents that are not publicly published. Similarly, a living trust helps individuals maintain their privacy by not going into probate, the proceedings of which are public record.

Protecting assets - Once property is entered into a trust, it is protected from any legal proceedings, creditor claims, or judgments filed against the deceased or his or her named beneficiaries.
In the instance of a person becoming incapacitated, a court designates a conservator to make decisions regarding the individual’s estate. Since 1986, Carolyn M. Young has provided fiduciary services for Californians as both a trustee and a conservator and offers some insights into the role of the conservator and his or her relationship with the conservatee.

A conservator is designated by the court when an individual cannot make important decisions regarding his or her own estate or welfare. The role a conservator plays is recommended by a court investigator, who advises a probate judge, along with the client’s attorney, on the best course of action, depending on the circumstances at hand. For example, when a physical or mental handicap leads to an inability to make sound medical decisions, the appointed conservator makes those health-related decisions for that person. When an individual is deemed unable to manage his or her assets, a conservator of the estate takes responsibility for paying the obligations of the estate and managing its assets and benefits, as well as handling the individual’s taxes.
Located in Sacramento, California, Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services administers the affairs of clients who are elderly, disabled, vulnerable, or who otherwise elect to engage a trustworthy professional for the creation of a trust or will. Fiduciaries can also be appointed by the courts to act as conservators, guardians, or personal representatives of estates. Owner Carolyn M. Young has been providing fiduciary services to the residents of El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Nevada, Yolo, and San Joaquin counties in California for more than two decades.

When fiduciaries act as trustees, their role is one of carrying out the terms of a trust document or will. Their duties can include filing tax returns, protecting assets, or overseeing distributions and investments under the terms of the trust document and a strict state probate code. Fiduciaries can also be designated as representative payees to administer client Social Security benefits, and they can hold "agent under power of attorney" status for purposes of medical, housing placement, and final burial decisions.

As an organization committed to the highest fiduciary standards, the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) works to provide any interested party with information regarding social, political, or economic developments which affect the fiduciary industry. PFAC continually keeps up to date on recent trends, laws, and changes in fiduciary standards and related fields. The Professional Fiduciary Association of California also works to build awareness and advocacy for issues such as elder financial abuse and acts as a staunch advocate of personal and civil liberties.

Among its many goals, the PFAC's Board of Directors and regional contacts work to promote strong ethical standards, enhanced communication, continued education, and effective regulation among its members, as well as gain new members through these high standards each year. In addition, the organization puts on numerous events annually, including educational opportunities and related conferences. To learn more about the PFAC, visit their website at www.pfac-pro.org.

About Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services:
Assisting clients since 1986, Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services provides financial services to a wide range of clients in the Sacramento, California area. As a Charter member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California, Ms. Young operates a respected and established fiduciary firm which focuses on its clients. Carolyn M. Young Fiduciary Services manages over $75 million in client assets, and helps individuals apply for various public benefits.